A traditional and well-known casino game in India, the Andar Bahar card game is very easy to comprehend. You don’t have to stress yourself so much while playing Andar Bahar. It takes an origin from Southern India, more precisely the city of Bengaluru. Renowned also as “Katti”, Andar Bahar game is solely a game of luck with fifty-fifty winning or losing odds.

Live Andar Bahar

What can be more exciting and realistic than to play Andar Bahar live! We consider this option of a live casino to be of great success available to Indian gamblers nowadays. More and more Indians prefer live games to online demo versions. In the live segment, the player interacts with the dealer who is being broadcasted from a TV studio. But the amazing thing is that you don’t need to go anywhere. You can enjoy this live gaming laying on your comfortable sofa or having your morning coffee at home. Staying in the cozy and unstressful atmosphere it seems you will have a thrilling event in the outcome of which you suppose to win real money.

The rules in playing Andar Bahar live are typically the same but with some additional points referred to placing the wagers:

Anyway, it’s up to you to choose a wagering approach to predict the winning card. You can try out each of them and decide which one is the best and leads you to big winnings in the online casino in India.

How to Play Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar in India is played using a single deck of cards. The cards are mixed and dealt only by the dealer while the players wager, watch and expect the end of the game and positive outcome. Usually, Andar Bahar allows wagering the minimum limit of 10 Indian rupees while high rollers can afford up to 10,000 rupees. Andar Bahar in English is meant as a left section (Andar) and, accordingly, the right section (Bahar). Sometimes these sections are labeled “A” and “B” on the online casino in India. 

To start with, the dealer takes one card from the deck and places it faced up in the center of the table so everybody can see it. Then the dealer puts the rest of the cards on the left and the right sections, which are Andar and Bahar. When the central card turns to have a black suit (a Clover or Spade), the dealer commences dealing the remaining cards from the Andar section. When the central card turns to have a red suit (a Heart or Diamond), the dealer proceeds from the Bahar section. He keeps dealing until the matching card shows up.

The purpose of the real card game is to foresee if the matching card will fall into either the Andar or the Bahar sections. As soon as the matching card turns up, the game is over and a player who has wagered on the winning section gets paid. A player who has wagered on the losing section fails. Therefore, Andar Bahar is completely a game of chance where no strategies work but just predicting what section the winning card will land on.

Before starting to play the Andar Bahar game, you ought to keep in mind very plain and important points:

The simplicity of this game of chance magnetizes you to keep making efforts and don’t give up. Moreover, it allows you to increase bankroll as simple as the game is by following the basic rules of the real card game.

Variations of Andar Bahar Game

Our top online casino sites provide some variations of the Andar Bahar game that are basically three: Live Andar Bahar (LAB), Online Andar Bahar (OAB), and Speed Andar Bahar (SAB). The differences between them are quite understandable. On LAB the player associates with the dealer and deals with other players. OAB provides a single play where there are one player and one dealer. SAB is considered the same classic game but in a speeded version.

Best Andar Bahar Game Sites in India

The top online casinos supply the wealthy storage of online games in India.  Andar Bahar is so popular among Indian players that its advent on online casino games has brought an excellent reputation over the planet. Utilizing the best casinos, we ensure you will experience the online jackpot a lot. Choose the best Andar Bahar game site in India and have fun!


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Is Andar Bahar Online Legal in India?

The short answer is yes. The Andar Bahar card game is legal at offshore online casinos in India.

Can I Win Money in Andar Bahar Game Online?

Yes, you can win money in Andar Bahar online. But keep in mind that this is a game of luck where your winnings and losses are measured in 50/50 odds.

Can I Play Andar Bahar Online Free?

Yes, you can play Andar Bahar for free. Most online casinos offer the online demo version of this card game to try it out and understand the main rules. But in this case, you won’t be able to earn any real money.

Which is Most Profitable Variation of Andar Bahar?

Of course, the Live Andar Bahar is regarded as the most profitable and thrilling variation. This type of real card game offers various wagering techniques that can increase bankroll of yours.